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personal coaching

"In my experience great teachers have always gone above and beyond what was expected of them to make others perform to the best of their ability"
Joe Gnapp, Whitney Ltd
Thanks to technology, there are very few geographical barriers today when it comes to coaching. Where it used to be that face-to-face personal presentations coaching involved one or both parties travelling to a set location, today, very effective results are achieved through video training over the internet using Skype

how does it work?

You will either want to improve your general presentation skills, or you will have a presentation to prepare for a specific purpose. Either way, I can assist by spending time working on your voice, your actions, your words and even your slide presentation.

Each one hour session is followed by an email summary of the session with recommendations and resources for improvement.

Because travelling time and expense no longer has to be included in costings, I am able to offer training at $150 per hour for one-off video sessions, or a special package of ten sessions for $797 when these are booked and paid for in advance.

Please make contact by phone or email to enquire.

Of course, in person coaching may still be available, so please feel free to enquire.


Every interview is a presentation of yourself and your ideas. An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself to gain that job or promotion.

You can automatically stand above your competition by presenting a professional package to a potential employer

sales presenting

Are you bringing a product or service to market, either your own or that of your company?

I can show you and your team how to structure and present to sell. The techniques work whether you're presenting to one or to many.

Consider, for a moment, why companies produce infomercials... because when done well, presenting your offering in this way is far more productive, efficient and cost-effective than any advertisement.

intra-company presentations

Do you have to present within the course of your current position? Perhaps you have to convince partners to increase your department's budget or authorize the spend on a large project.

In all of the above situations you must gear your presentation to the benefits to the individual and you must make all that you say personal to your listener.

Do you need to rally a team to work together or a sales force to give outstanding performance?

If you can do this, you will be classed as an excellent communicator and motivator, qualities that are highly sought after in today's business world.

television & radio

If you're booked to appear on tv or speak on radio, you don't get a trial run... and it will be all over before you know it.

Don't be like so many before you who have blown their big chance through being unprepared. Before you appear, it's worth learning how to keep the interview under your control.

How often have you ever thought "I shouldn't have said that" or "I wish I'd prepared better", at the end of an interview?

Many people come for coaching after making this mistake, but it's far better not to make the mistake in the first place.

Don't be like many of the "Dragons' Den" candidates, let me help you to get prepared!

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"I was skeptical about public speaking coaching through the web using Skype & web-cam but now, after my 10 sessions with Maria, I can structure my speech very well, create attention grabbing openings and very powerful closings, weave stories, add impact through my gestures and use PowerPoint© effectively.

I have been especially impressed with the memorizing techniques Maria has given me so I don't have to use notes. I already feel I am more persuasive and confident.

The Internet has proved to be a great way of learn public speaking & presentation skills, wherever you are in the globe."
Esam Alqararah,
Amman, Jordan

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