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3 x DVD Set: Creating Powerful Persuasive Presentations

Join Maria as she conducts a 4.5 hour training in front of a live audience. Through these 3 DVDs Maria will take you on a journey covering everything you need to create your own Powerfully Persuasive Presentations.

This is no ordinary presentations / public speaking training. This class delivers the insider secrets that the top sales presenters use to make massive sales from every talk they give.

Not only will you learn the World's No. 1 skill, but you'll skyrocket sales in your field when you learn from Maria's experience giving thousands of talks over the last decade selling high ticket items, both tangible and intangible, from training products to real estate.

"If you've never seen an audience run to the back of the room to buy a £30,000 product, you've never seen Maria Davies speak" - so said Warren Borsje, himself no stranger to sales presenting. Now she shares her knowledge and experience so you can learn to do the same.

Maria's learnt from the best: Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, John Childers, Russ Whitney, and many more.

BUY NOW for only £197 (shipping included)

Presentations & sales training
3-DVD set
"Creating Powerful Persuasive Presentations"

Content includes:

  • Structures
  • Awesome openings
  • Telling stories
  • Interacting with your audience
  • How to soft sell from the platform
  • Memorising to speak without notes
  • Compelling closings... and much more

presentations training booklet

101 Tips for Giving Powerful Presentations

Unassuming 28 page, pocket sized booklet that really packs a punch. Designed as a quick review for when you need it most.

Don't underestimate the gems contained in here, this is the basis of all good presenting, from structures to delivery and beyond.

Buy now for only £9.97 (shipping included)

Attention MLM Leaders: Makes an ideal addition to convention or starter packs. Available for bulk purchase and can even be printed bearing your company logo. Enquire about bulk discount pricing

CD Audio Programs

With a warm and engaging style, you share one clever idea after another and offer practical and immediate techniques that can improve anyone's presentation savvy. Now knowing how to turn anxiety into excitement and deliver a razor sharp message with confidence and appeal, my own presentations will be improved. Maria, you deliver the presentation smarts! This is a gem.
Elizabeth M Lengyel PeopleCoach Inc.

Overcoming the Barriers to Great Presentations
In this program Maria looks at the doubts and fears that plague both professional and amateur speakers. You'll learn the techniques the professionals use to overcome these barriers. In addition, you'll discover what you can do before, during and after every talk to hone the skills that will make you a truly memorable presenter. Complete with access to downloadable pdf exploratory pages. Included in this program:

  • How to identify each barrier for what it is
  • Putting fears into perspective
  • Techniques to hit the ground running
  • What to do when you lose your train of thought
  • How to make sure you're continuously improving

BUY NOW for only £17 (shipping included)

vocal training
Valentine Palmer

Your Voice, Your Strength
With Valentine Palmer, principal of the Academy of Communication in the UK. A former actor, media presenter and now voice coach, Valentine discusses how you can alter the tone and timbre of your voice and modulate your accent for increased gravitas and clarity. Complete with access to downloadable PowerPoint© supporting slides.

BUY NOW for only £17 (shipping included)


Personal private coaching

Occasionally available on an ongoing or one-off basis. Read more details....


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"Using the techniques I learned on your workshop I was able to give a cool, calm, confident presentation – skills that previously have eluded me! I didn’t speak from notes, I remembered most of what I wanted to convey and I really enjoyed myself!!!

I am reaping the rewards of your course all the time. You have given me the framework, skills and tactics for being able to present/talk in public and network confidently – all of which I learned at your Powerful Presentation workshop."
Emily Gordon

"Maria is very profound in showing how to create a big impact by drawing strong pictures inside people's minds. I agree that you can really touch your audience by making them daydream your ideas on a personal level. I can't wait for the actual seminar, I'm daydreaming already "
Alex Garcez

"Speakers such as yourself (the Excellent Ones), should have curfews put on them. So us mere teachers et al can sleep!"
Joe Keehan

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