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Maria Davies, Dip.Mgmt, LCA, is a trained and experienced Sales Presenter, Public Speaker, Property Investor, accredited Coach, and a very funny lady.... who wears nice shoes!

Speaking qualifications

Previously Vice President of a Toastmasters Speakers' Club, trained in USA by the late Bill Gove CSP, CPAE and Bob Proctor. Founder Member of the UK Coaching Academy she uses her coaching skills in two ways: coaching those who want to become great presenters & coaching audience members to buy the services or products on offer.

member Professional Speakers Association Member International Federation of Professional Speakers

Professional memberships

  • Full Member of the Professional Speakers' Association
  • Full Member of the International Federation for Professional Speakers
  • MENSA the High IQ Society

Media appearances

  • BBC2 - "Money" documentary
  • Sky TV "Ask The Property Experts" panel
  • A Place In The Sun overseas property magazine - Selling Expert regular feature
  • Richard & Judy show - Channel 4
  • Overseas Property TV - subject of Women In Property programme
  • Grampian TV - Wings'n'Things - Children's television
  • BBC Radio - frequent talk show appearances as expert
  • Honeybone - spoof presenter in pilot TV comedy
  • The Guardian newspaper - comments as expert
  • The Mirror - personal feature
  • Daily Express - feature on success
  • Spirit & Destiny magazine
  • Barclays bank inhouse profiles
  • BBC Radio Sussex - "Desert Island Discs"
  • Daily Mail - Centre page spread on property investment presentation
Her exclusive training methods

She will teach you to master "Pull Selling", a term she uses for the concepts that make up her own, highly successful, style of selling as opposed to the frequently-used pushy style that's associated with the platform sales industry.

Through the use of such techniques, as a Sales Presenter, she has enjoyed unparalleled results working in an extremely competitive field in what is recognised as the hardest market to master.

As a Coach & Trainer in Sales Presentations in the same tough environment, her results are also unparalleled, with top sales achieved by her trainees in a shorter time than previously considered possible.

Some of Maria's achievements (with her comments)

"I believe achievement is in the eyes of the beholder, but, if pushed, I'd have to list the following as some of mine (I've commented on each where appropriate):

  • In the space of 10 years, progressing from living in a tiny room in an illegally rented council flat in south-east London to a country mansion in Sussex with my own businesses, a six-figure income and a large and ever-growing property portfolio
  • Going from terrified non-swimmer to accredited Open Water Diver in 3 years ("Some of you won't find this a big deal, but I didn't learn to swim until I was 35! And, yes, that WAS just last year - ahem!")
  • Passing the MENSA entrance exam TWICE! ("I didn't join the first time because the members' magazine seemed boring - now I'm older, it seems exciting")
  • Passing the police force entrance exam ("I didn't join because I couldn't wear stilettos")
  • Working up to the position of Manager of European IT in a top US law firm in the City of London ("the first female to pass the Microsoft MCSE+I certification course by the 6 week bootcamp method")
  • Trained in speaking in the US under the guidance of Bill Gove, CSP, CPAE ("a lovely man, now departed.  My first comparison to the wonderful Jeanne Robertson")
  • Professional Diploma in Management (NVQ Level 5)
  • Qualified Nutritionist ("You've got to take care of yourself, nobody else will")
  • Cat lover ("Endless source of amusement & love")
  • Professional Network Marketer ("One of the most rewarding businesses ever - teaches you how to build a business")
  • Someone about whom people say "You've really inspired me" and "You're a comic genius" ("Both are music to my ears")"

Where's she from?

Born in Liverpool, England, in the Sixties (right before they started swinging), Maria's travels around the UK started at the age of three. The remaining years saw her living in locations the length and breadth of the UK, from Caithness to Sussex.

Always the entrepreneur, Maria has enjoyed a wide variety of life experiences such as working as an Avon lady at age 12, presenting on children's television, modelling ("I once sat on Henry Cooper's shoulders"), working in the music industry and the corporate world before branching out into property investment, several businesses, speaking and sales.

Although she travels frequently both nationally and internationally, she now lives in Sussex with her musician husband, Stuart, who - along with her cats and her best friend, Margaret - is the subject of many of her amusing anecdotes.

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